The Cooperative Foundation Board Awards a $7,500 Grant to the Morris Foundation

Cooperative_Foundation_Logo_colorThe Cooperative Foundation Board of Directors approved a grant of $7,500 to the Ralph K. Morris Foundation to help support its Cooperative Leadership Fund. The Cooperative Leadership Fund provides individual scholarships to emerging cooperators attending cooperative leadership and/or development programs. The Cooperative Foundation is a steadfast supporter of cooperative development, research, and education. For more than 60 years, vision and generosity have guided the work of the Foundation and in turn benefited cooperative members and communities. Formed by cooperative leaders in 1945, The Cooperative Foundation received much of its financial assets through the vision and generosity of St. Paul architect Thomas Ellerbe Sr. and his family. That endowment and contributions from cooperative benefactors continue to support the work of the Foundation. Through its mission to expand and enhance cooperatives through research, teaching, extension , innovation, and development, The Cooperative Foundation remains a vital part of the past and future of cooperation in the United States. For information about funding priorities and the competitive grant making process, visit the Foundation’s website: