Ralph K. Morris Foundation Board meets for Annual Meeting in La Crosse

The Ralph K. Morris Foundation board convened for their annual meeting on November 13 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The meeting began with a dialogue with Doug O’Brien, NCBA CLUSA CEO, who was the featured speaker of the Ralph K. Morris Cooperative Leadership Symposium over lunch later that day at the Cooperative Network annual meeting.

Board Chair William Nelson discussed his approach to board involvement. He stated in his report, “It is time to begin to shape the composition of the board to fit our forward motion, especially in the direction of the efforts of the marketing and development committee, the enhancement of the land stewardship part of our mission, and some adjustments to the co-op education scholarships.”

The annual fund drive campaign strategies were covered and a decision was made to allow a second annual scholarship to be given the name of “The Rod Nilsestuen Land & Water Steward Scholarship Fund.”

An official announcement of the selection of Anne Reynold’s to the Cooperative Hall of Fame was announced.