Application Process (Cooperative Leadership Fund)

  • Complete an application form.  Application.  Please copy the Application form to your computer and type to facilitate processing of application.
  • Attach a copy of any announcement or flyer describing the program and its registration fee.
  • Applications must be signed by a supervisor, advisor or cooperative liaison from the sponsoring organization (other than the applicant) to indicate an organization’s support of the application.
  • Funds must be applied for and approved prior to attending the activity. The Cooperative Leadership Fund will not offer reimbursement for the fees for previously attended activities.
  • Organizations that provide training may not request funds for staff attendance at their own training programs.
  • If applications are incomplete or unclear they will be returned without being processed.
  • E-mail, mail or fax the completed application and required additional information to:

William Nelson, Chairman
Ralph K. Morris Foundation
1204 Hawthorne Avenue East
St. Paul, MN  55106

Selection Process

The Fund is administered and managed by the Ralph K. Morris Foundation.

All eligible recipients will be approved within the limits of the Fund as stated above and as long as funds are available (on an annual basis) for distribution.

Notification of the status of each request will be sent via fax, e-mail or regular postal service when a decision is made.


Recipients must complete and return to the Foundation an evaluation within 30 days of completion of the program. Evaluation form can be saved to your computer and typed to facilitate processing.

Fund Support

The Ralph K. Morris Foundation, through the generosity of friends of Ralph Morris, established the RKM Cooperative Leadership Fund. Contributions to the Ralph K. Morris Cooperative Leadership Fund are welcome.