Cooperative Leadership Fund – Organizational Grant – Application Guidelines

The Ralph K. Morris Foundation Cooperative Leadership Fund Organizational Grant (the “Organizational Grant”) provides financial support to help cover costs associated with training, professional development and educational programs for emerging cooperative leaders interested in the future of cooperatives, sustainability and environmental issues related to rural communities.


  • The Ralph K. Morris Foundation (the “Foundation”) must have a knowledge of and experience working with the organization through its Cooperative Leadership Fund – Individual Scholarship Program.
  • The organization and its conference must be approved by the Foundation.
  • Organizational Grants will be based, in part, upon need determined by past experience with the organization through the Cooperative Leadership Fund – Individual Scholarship Program.  Amounts granted will also be based upon funds available to the Foundation.
  • Up to $5,000 may be available on an annual basis.
  • Funds will be used to cover costs associated with travel expenses and registration fees for attendees at established cooperative education, professional development and training programs sponsored by the organization.
  • Organizational Grant recipients are eligible to receive only one grant in a calendar year.  If an organization has two or more programs, they may request that their attendees apply for a Cooperative Leadership Fund – Individual Scholarship.  The organization should let the Foundation know as soon as possible if they intend to have more than one program in a calendar year.
  • The organization must be headquartered within the United States.
  • Foundation trustees and staff, including their immediate families, are ineligible to apply for an Organizational Grant.
  • The organization will include language in their marketing materials, brochures and registration packet that will provide the Foundation with recognition for their support.  Language will be provided by the Foundation.


  • U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives Conference
  • NASCO Institute

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Applications need to be received six months in advance of the conference date in order to be considered by the Foundation. The Foundation will review and respond to the request within one month following receipt of the application.